Sunday, March 18, 2018

Water for Kobthom Primary School

Our school had been lacking sanitation facilities since 1993. When the students needed to use the bathroom, they would do so behind the school building or in the bushes, making our grounds smell bad. Our teachers would tell them not to use the bathroom behind the school, but within a few days, they would begin again.

Water for Kobthom Primary School

Having access to hand-washing facilities has been helpful for both students and teachers.

Since Samaritan’s Purse came to visit our school and started constructing sanitation facilities, our school leaders, students, authorities, and community are so much happier. We’re blessed that Samaritan’s Purse not only provided us with the latrine and water source but also conducted training with our school leaders on hygiene and sanitation.

It increased their knowledge and skills on how to operate and maintain the facilities and helped them educate our students on how to change their behaviors. Samaritan’s Purse put trust in us to make the facilities sustainable.

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Today, our students are blessed. They enjoy using the latrine and washing their hands. We’re happy to have clean water to use in our facilities. I would like to say thank you from my heart on behalf of my students, teachers, authorities, and community for the kindness of every one of you. It’s an answer to our prayers. May God bless you!