Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Hurricane Relief Comes to Puerto Rico’s ‘Cursed Lands’

The view used to be spectacular. From lush green hills you could see as far as the city of San Juan, with the deep blue Caribbean beyond. Today, no one even notices the view. Dark gray clouds cover the horizon and trees are barren, twisted, and ... [Read More]

Seeing the Light in Northern Iraq

My name is Yusuf*. I am 29 years old and I have six children. Before ISIS, we had a normal, simple life. We were happy. In August 2014, ISIS came and we fled. In the confusion, we were separated from my parents and my brother’s family. ISIS captured u ... [Read More]

Community Thrives in Refugee Camps

It is rare to hear about South Sudan without words like crisis, hunger, or refugee attached to it. A desperate and seemingly hopeless situation has been unraveling for South Sudan since December 2013 when the nation, not yet three years old at the ... [Read More]

Rebuilding in Haiti

In October 2016, Haiti was hit by a catastrophic hurricane that affected about 90% of the southern area of the country. In response to this disaster, Samaritan’s Purse has been repairing and rebuilding churches destroyed by Hurricane Matthew. To d ... [Read More]

Bringing Hope to Nepal Flood Survivors

Our team recently had the chance to meet Dev Kumari and her husband. Their house was destroyed in the Nepal floods. Kumari is 66 years old and all her children have moved away from her village. In the middle of the night on Friday, Kumari and ... [Read More]

Children’s Program in Iraq Invites Dreams of a Brighter Future

In Iraq, dust is a color and the wind is its artist. The dust is swept across the canvas with haphazard strokes, painting the dullest of colors into a region in desperate need of something bright. Layers of dust collect on tent flaps, reminding ... [Read More]

Sharing God’s Love with Families Displaced by ISIS

Seven-month-old Norjena took a fingerful of moist ground rice from her mother. On this day, Norjena was running a fever. Just looking at her small frame it was easy to tell that Norjena is underweight and malnourished. The mother and daughter sat ... [Read More]