Friday, June 23, 2017

Cash Grant Program Helps Refugees in Greece

Arman, his wife, and four children live in an abandoned Greek naval academy that has been transformed into a government-run refugee site. They are waiting on legal papers and asylum decisions, unable to do much more than sit and wait. Arman and ... [Read More]

A School Garden Gives Hope of a Better Life in the Congo

Editor's Note:Samaritan's Purse is assisting communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by providing schools with resources, training, and tools to start and maintain gardens. So far 20 schools have successfully maintained gardens as part of ... [Read More]

Breaking Down Barriers

“Friendship is very important here,” a Syrian woman told me recently. We were sitting inside a camp surrounded by barbed wire fencing, celebrating the new single-family refugee housing unit her Iraqi friend was moving to—an upgrade from living in ... [Read More]

Heartbreak and Healing in Iraq

Medical staff have treated more than 1,500 patients since the Emergency Field Hospital opened in January just outside of war-ravaged Mosul. Traumatic injuries, life-saving care, and major surgeries mark the days. It's hard to wrap your head and heart ... [Read More]

Women Not Forgotten in Nepal

They say the women look like “walking trees” because the bundled leaves stack high in the baskets saddled to their backs and nearly enfold their heads into the green masses. A strap wrapped around their foreheads holds the imposing basket in place so ... [Read More]

Carrying One Another’s Burdens

Beneficiaries sat under the shade of trees as they waited for the food distribution process to begin near Aweil, South Sudan. The sun beat down as noon approached. I took a seat on a school bench in the shade with my guide for the day, Nyasha, our ... [Read More]

Miracles and Sorrow Mingle Together

I got to the hospital on a Monday afternoon. My first afternoon there was an "all-call" that came out over the address system, which means an ambulance has just arrived with more patients than can be handled by staff members currently on shift. So, ... [Read More]