Sunday, February 18, 2018

A Nurse Cares for a Rohingya Refugee

Sakera, I think about you every day since I left Bangladesh and have the drawing you made me next to my bed. The first day we met at Memorial Christian Hospital you were so scared and shy. I wanted to talk with you, to get to know you, but ... [Read More]

Love in a Rohingya Refugee Camp

“I would take her pain if possible,” Lyla told me. Lyla and I talked while her daughter, 8-year-old Sumaya, slept beside her on a bed in our Diphtheria Treatment Center. They came to the center because Sumaya's throat was so swollen she couldn’t e ... [Read More]

Earthquake Survivor Supports Family by Raising Chickens

My name is Surya Kumari Gurung from Aanga, Nepal. I have two sons and a daughter studying in grades seven, eight, and 10. My husband works as a mason and builds houses during the summer. His work subsides during the winter as it becomes too cold to ... [Read More]

Winter Relief Arrives for Displaced Families in Iraq

“It’s cold, but at least my kids will be happy today," said a mother tucked into a corner away from the crowd. Her hands tightly grasped the new packages of warm clothes for her two children. The mother shared with me her experience living away fro ... [Read More]

Traveling the Refugee Trail

Over the last twelve months I feel like I have traveled the refugee trail. I am not a refugee and cannot claim to understand the pain and trauma a refugee experiences, but it has been a sobering privilege to meet them at various stages of their ... [Read More]

Local Churches Respond to Greece Refugee Crisis

Thousands of refugees from war-torn countries in Africa, Asia, and the Middle East have moved into Greece, presenting local churches with the opportunity to reach out in Jesus’ Name to displaced families. I grew up in the Greek evangelical c ... [Read More]

Teenager in Evacuation Center Learns How to Help Others

Sixteen-year old Aizah Dirampatun stood by one of the sinks at a handwashing station and demonstrated to a child how to properly wash his hands. She did this until every child in line had clean hands and the children were ready to enjoy their ... [Read More]