Thursday, November 23, 2017

Beauty in a Refugee Camp in Greece

There are more than 62,000 refugees living in Greece, many of whom are still living in tents even now that winter has come. Samaritan’s Purse is at work in northern Greece, Athens, and five Greek islands. Our staff members’ presence and influence ext ... [Read More]

Reflections on Serving Refugees in Greece

For two months, I had the privilege of working with Samaritan's Purse in Athens. The last year has seen thousands upon thousands of refugees arrive in Greece. With closed borders, many of these refugees are stuck in Greek refugee camps, uncertain of ... [Read More]

New Lives for Refugees in Greece

We are all new to this type of crisis. It’s a mass emigration of a people so vast that it has become the largest humanitarian crisis since WWII. If all forcibly displaced people were grouped, they would be the 21st largest country in the w ... [Read More]

Update: Amena and the Refugee Cat

Last Tuesday, I met a refugee girl named Amena* who was traveling with a cat across Europe. On Sunday, I ran into her again—this time at the Croatia-Slovenia border. Since the last time I had seen her, she and her family had crossed through all of M ... [Read More]

A Touching Moment from the Refugee Crisis in Europe

Today, I woke up in Macedonia and drove two hours across the Greek border. I went through the normal checkpoint and had my passport stamped. Once across, we began driving parallel to the border until we came upon a group of a couple hundred ... [Read More]

“I Cried and Cried for Hours”

This week Samaritan’s Purse has teams on the ground in several different European countries working in partnership with local church networks to deliver emergency relief to thousands of refugees currently making their further north into E ... [Read More]