Saturday, March 17, 2018

Stolen Vehicle Returned by Locals

Stolen Vehicle Returned by Locals
After rebels took a Samaritan’s Purse vehicle in Niger, military and the local chief went after them

The vehicle pictured above was stolen from one of our bases close to the Mali border on the night of June 12 by armed bandits. It ended up with the MNLA, a Touareg rebel group. This is the group of rebels behind the coup in Mali.

The traditional leader of the area was so incensed that they would dare come and steal a vehicle from Samaritan’s Purse that he and several others, including military officials, went and personally demanded it’s return. (It went to both Burkina Faso and Mali!) It was unbelievable. No ransom was paid.

The bandits knocked the snorkel off, stripped the antenna and radio, and drove it hard enough to knock out some taillights, but overall it’s in good condition and will be back on the road after a few small repairs. The military told us this is the first time that a vehicle stolen by rebels has ever been returned.

When I retrieved it, we paid the locals for driving it back, for their fuel, and gave them certificates of appreciation for their hard work on our behalf. In addition, I placed Arabic and French New Testaments in the hands of both the governor of the region and the commanding officer of the troops in Tilabery. Maybe that was the entire purpose of the incident. We’re thankful that the locals care enough about Samaritan’s Purse to accomplish such a feat.

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He will even cause your enemies to be at peace with you. Praise the Name of Jesus.


The battle is not ours , but for the Lords…, Praising for God’s hand upon Samaritan’s Purse in Niger and all over the World

Ray shewmaker

Hi alan


Coolest story I’ve heard about all day. He is with you, seemingly. It is a wonderful thing!


You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Genesis 50:20.


Praise God taking meant for evil and showing good. …amen


So thankful how God moved the hearts of the locals to be involved. When I saw the picture, I was sure that was Alan!! Blessings on him n all the work there in the country. Aunt Jody F, OKC


Wonderful news!


i am glad you were able to give Bibles and witness! What satan meant for evil God used it! PTLord!