Saturday, March 17, 2018

Prepared to Prevent Trafficking

Policymakers in Vietnam learn about safe migration

I live in Lai Chau City and work for the Provincial Women’s Union. The Women’s Union is an official organization of over 13 million Vietnamese who work to increase the capacity and knowledge of women throughout our country.

1515VN-H1-038_TAP - Hoang Thi Hien 2015-05Before Samaritan’s Purse hosted a trafficking awareness and prevention training course, I didn’t have adequate knowledge and experience on issues of human trafficking. During the workshop, I was inspired by the training approach that combined learning with interactive games. The participants were made comfortable and encouraged to ask questions.

After the course finished, I was equipped with knowledge on human trafficking awareness and prevention and practical information on safe migration, as well as trained on participatory methods through both theory and a lot of practice.

I will use these participatory training methods from the workshop to design training courses, especially those relating to human trafficking awareness and prevention for communities near the border. I will also share the experience from the training workshop with and recommend the course to the Women’s Union staff members who are working in communities across Vietnam to help promote positive and lasting changes for women.

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