Thursday, November 23, 2017

Church Leader Recommits His Life to Serving God

Before I attended an evangelism training taught by Samaritan's Purse there were many gaps in relation to how I preached the Gospel, as well as in my personal relationship with God, even though I served as a youth coordinator in my church. The … [Read more...]

Literacy Training Brings Hope for a Better Future

One night recently I jumped into our Toyota Land Cruiser, one of the few vehicles that can handle the roads here with relative ease, and joined our community literacy team to visit a beginner class in Sundorkorlor, Lofa County. After a … [Read more...]

Hurricane Relief Comes to Puerto Rico’s ‘Cursed Lands’

The view used to be spectacular. From lush green hills you could see as far as the city of San Juan, with the deep blue Caribbean beyond. Today, no one even notices the view. Dark gray clouds cover the horizon and trees are barren, twisted, and … [Read more...]

A Doctor Demonstrates God’s Love to Hurting Patient

Are some people invisible? I wonder that some days. She was skeletally thin, hunched over in pain, and wrapped in a colorful pano (patterned cloth). She wore flip flops made from old tires. She had a combination of five confirmed treatable … [Read more...]

A Young Mother Becomes a Leader

Samaritan’s Purse is equipping mothers from villages across Tada-U Township in Myanmar to lead monthly mother-to-mother groups. Through our training, these groups provide a forum to discuss good maternal and child health practices, such as nutrition. … [Read more...]

A Village Sees God Answer Prayer

Nyanot lives in a small village in the northern region of South Sudan with her husband and their eight children. Though located near a river, her village did not have a clean water source for drinking and bathing. In order to fetch water, she had … [Read more...]

Helping Babies Breathe in Niger

I recently had an opportunity to visit Niger and train nurses and physicians in Helping Babies Breathe, which focuses on newborn resuscitation. It was a privilege to lead participants through the skills necessary to help every baby breathe within the … [Read more...]