Wednesday, April 25, 2018

A Journey For Water

By Gabriel Santos, civil engineer in Bolivia Eustaquia Sinka and her husband Silverio Copa live with five of their seven children in the small community of Kjary Baja, about 100 kilometers from La Paz city. Sinka received support from Samaritan’s P … [Read more...]

The Faces of Volunteers

By Jonathan Fawcett, Church Relations and Social Media Specialist for North American Ministries What would happen without volunteers? Five Disaster Relief Units filled with a vast array of tools, safety gear, equipment and Bibles would lay dormant … [Read more...]

Feeding The Thousands

By Melody Pineda, field writer in South Sudan Jesus fed 5,000 people with five loaves of bread and two fish. The need seemed too great to fill, but with faith and God’s power, the task was accomplished. Like the story of Matthew 14, Samaritan’s Pur … [Read more...]

A Fisherman's Dream

By Thomas Mangham, Deputy Country Director for Samaritan's Purse in Honduras. The Garífuna is a minority group of African and native descent that is settled across coastal areas of Central America, as well as a number of Caribbean islands. The … [Read more...]

Pigeons for Orphans

By Aaron Thacher, program manager for livestock and livelihoods programs in Niger Idrissa proudly stands next to the little mud roost he has built for his pigeons. Idrissa is 12 years old and is an orphan from the village of Boukari Koira in … [Read more...]

Giving God the Glory for OCC Miracles

By Kim Rowland, Community Relations Coordinator for Operation Christmas Child Humility. It’s a subject that has been on my mind since I traveled to Panama to document stories from volunteer Operation Christmas Child leaders from more than 20 Latin A … [Read more...]

A Place To Call Home

By Jodi Blackam, program management adviser I have been thinking a lot recently about where I call home. While living in Uganda I have referred to both the United Kingdom and Uganda as home. When Chris and I are planning a trip to the UK we talk to … [Read more...]