Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Miracle Delayed

By Simon Gonzalez, Samaritan's Purse web editor I wanted to call the story “The Miracle of the Jar”, but a colleague thought it was a little cheesy and perhaps a tad presumptuous. We went with “Hope In the Ruins” instead. It was a good headline, des … [Read more...]

Hospital Improvements Continue

We spent a week updating the maternity ward. We started first by moving out all of the moms and babies to a temporary location for work to be safely done. Equipment and beds were then moved, the curtains were removed and washed, the walls and … [Read more...]

Working for Clean Water

By Sok Chanthy, field officer for the Water for Kids project in Cambodia Phearom was at a loss for how to provide for his family. The 36-year-old man had spent years living in Thailand apart from his wife and children because he couldn’t find a good … [Read more...]

What the Olympics Mean to Me

By Melinda Melton Reeves, Team Samaritan's Purse coordinator Growing up, sports were always part of our routine. Not personally, mind you, but they were constantly on the television in the background. I was pretty comfortable on the sidelines. I … [Read more...]

The Cost of a Soul

By Tessie Chavez, Samaritan’s Purse agronomist for animal and agriculture programs in Honduras There is a big division between city and village life in Honduras. Cities are becoming very modern, while life in the villages is still very traditional a … [Read more...]

Generosity is Contagious

By Michelle de Carion, staff writer Most people have a hobby. It could be making jewelry, knitting, or collecting baseball cards. But I didn’t know what kinds of hobbies people have in other countries. Japanese homeowner Kawanami-san’s favorite pas … [Read more...]

Updates From Our Wildfire Response

By Brent Graybeal, program manager in New Mexico Three debris teams and one metal team worked in Bonita Park yesterday. The volunteers have consistently worked hard every day of this deployment. The weather is finally cooperating and no time was … [Read more...]