Sunday, March 18, 2018

On the Other Side

Children's Heart Project beneficiary Sheena Basemera visits Samaritan's Purse
The Children’s Heart Project saved my life. Now I use my testimony to show healing to others.

When Consi was accepted for surgery in North America in December 2015, our Uganda office rejoiced as usual because it was a blessing for the little girl, her mother, and us. We believed and thanked God for healing and trusted that all would go well and His name would be glorified through it all.

I was going to be part of this journey as their interpreter. I felt blessed to be able to give back to the Lord and serve Him through this role. I hoped to do more than simply interpret, so I prayed I would find favor in their hearts and be accepted as a friend to support them.

Children's Heart Project beneficiary Sheena Basemera

Consi with her mother, Monica, and a transporter in the airport

I hoped to share my testimony of my own surgery and healing through Children’s Heart Project with Monica and encourage her to trust in the Lord because He is faithful, good, and so loving to us. Because of the encouragement and love showed by the Children’s Heart Project team, host church, and family, Monica stayed strong throughout the experience.

After the surgery, when I saw this little child on the hospital bed in the intensive care unit, with tubes and wires inserted in her chest, it hit me that 10 years ago, it was me on the same bed. At that moment, I was caught between happiness for the baby’s new life and empathy because I knew how uncomfortable and scary it can be to be on that bed. I just dropped a few tears in prayer.

“Lord, I thank you for this,” I said. “Please take away all discomfort as you heal her.”

Children's Heart Project beneficiary Sheena Basemera visits Samaritan's Purse

Later that day, my eyes got used to the sight of the machines and wires running around Consi, and I began to feel this warm joy in my heart. It was a blessing to be on the other side of this project to encourage Monica. It was also amazing to see how the Children’s Heart Project team works together to see that everything concerning the child and mother went well throughout their stay in America, and, surely, I saw the hand of God and His love in every step.

”Sheena, Consi is well now,” Monica said to me in the intensive care unit. “She will grow up normally like you because she is a new baby. Praise God!”

I thanked God for giving me my testimony and for using me to glorify His name. It was nice to see Monica smile. I believe that these mothers and families deserve the loudest laugh and biggest smile because of the miracle they have experienced. They go through a lot because of their sick babies. This experience is like a breath of fresh air to them.

The Lord is good! As an interpreter for Consi and Monica, I have seen many amazing things that the Lord has done and is still doing for His people through the Children’s Heart Project. I’m blessed beyond measure that the Lord has called me to serve Him. May His name be praised always.

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Kate kaija kobusinge

I give all the glory to God who gave me Sheena and he is God the Olpha and Omega who is working in my daughterso life,Thank you Jesus Indeed you are holy praise be to God.that Sheena is testmony to others

Aminah Naluyinda

Glory to God!


God bless you more my dear!


Glory to God in the highest!