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Life After Losing my Wife

Life After Losing my Wife
How Samaritan’s Purse helped me cope and saved my kids

My wife and I used to live with our three children in a village called Kivigolo in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I was a teacher at the local church, and we made our living from growing food and raising livestock.

When the Lord’s Resistance Army—a local rebel group—attacked our village, we fled to Faradje, a town about 15 miles away. My wife was pregnant, and she became sick. We spent a lot of time at the local hospital. She delivered the baby, but soon after, she died. I was left with a newborn along with our three other children, including my oldest son who currently has a wound from the bite of an unfamiliar insect. My life is now full of suffering. For the last two months, our survival has been difficult.

Life After Losing my Wife

Simon with his oldest son and new baby

Samaritan’s Purse has helped our family during this tragic time. While we were in the hospital, they transported us and gave us security. They gave us spiritual, moral, and financial assistance while we were there, and they provided the hospital with equipment. They have worked in my community to teach us how to garden according to the agricultural calendar, how to properly raise livestock, and how to properly grow a garden. Their support and education has helped me change and has saved the lives of my children.

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