Sunday, March 18, 2018

“It Really Was a Miracle”

Remote Assessment Team - May 12 Earthquake Landslide
Living through the second earthquake in Nepal

Nepal earthquake response

It was a miracle. We were on the most dangerous part of the trail and were about to come to a village when we decided to stop and eat lunch. When we finished, we moved on to the village of about 35 households.

Suddenly, everybody started screaming and running. A second earthquake was happening. A huge landslide occurred right in front of us. It crushed eight cows. Dust was everywhere. If we hadn’t eaten lunch early, we would have been underneath it with the cows. Instead, we were sitting on a porch, talking with the people in the village.

SP medical team at Anandaban hospital; leprosy ward; Dr. Lance Plyler

Dr. Lance Plyer sits with a leprosy patient at Anandaban Hospital in Nepal. After the earthquake, Dr. Plyler led a medical team to treat various wounds.

The women continued screaming because two little girls were out there with the goats, right in the path of the landslide. When the rocks stopped falling for a while, the dad ran as fast as he could past the landslide and grabbed his daughters. I don’t know how they managed to escape the rocks.

As they were coming back, the rocks began falling again. I couldn’t believe the timing. The rocks just barely missed them as the dad brought his girls back to safety.

We’ve counted about 38 aftershocks, and some of them have been significant. I felt like I getting ready to get knocked off a surfboard. It was scary, but no one got killed here. We’re all OK. Praise God. It really was a miracle.

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Matt Rath

Lance, God bless you and your team. Thank you for going out there and thank you for sharing your story. It was an honor to work alongside you and to see the genuine care you and the team have for helping these people. May you be encouraged and filled with strength to continue this essential work.