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Improved Health in the Congo

Improved Health in the Congo
Mothers learn to care for their children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

I thank God that He has given me the opportunity to be a leader mother with Samaritan’s Purse. The organization gives trainings on maternal health and teaches us about hygiene and how to be healthy. The project interests me because we are abandoning past ignorance and negligence to improve the health of our children, families, and communities.

I have three children and am the guardian of two other children. Before Samaritan’s Purse came to our village, I was living life the only way I knew how. Since I have started following the teachings of Samaritan’s Purse, I have discovered, little by little, how ignorant I was.

Improved Health in the Congo

Clementine with her children and another leader mother

For example, I wasn’t interested in receiving postnatal care because I thought that babies and mothers weren’t at risk for serious illnesses post-birth. But now, I know the importance of postnatal care. I know that I should vaccinate my children and that I should also receive prenatal care.

Before, I couldn’t identify the signs of malaria. My 3-year-old son had a high fever, vomiting, and convulsing. Instead of taking him to the health center, we gave him herbs and thought that it was a disease that would quickly pass. Eventually, we did take him to the pediatric health center, but it was too late and he died.

After undergoing the training on the signs and symptoms of different diseases, I remembered the death of my son and was filled with regret. If I had known this information sooner, I would have taken my son to the health center right away. I would have been able to save him! Now I always bring my children to the health center if they have a fever because it can save their lives.

As a leader mother with the project, I also tell other women the importance of taking their children to the health center. Most importantly, through the project, Samaritan’s Purse is distributing Bibles in our community, allowing us to read the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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