Saturday, March 24, 2018

God’s Plans are Perfect

God's Plans are Perfect


I first met Keirita and Alexa and their mothers, Maria and Johana, on the way to the capital of Honduras. We were going to get visas for them so that they could travel to the U.S. Both little girls had life-threatening heart defects that could only be fixed through surgery. That surgery isn’t available here in Honduras, so Children’s Heart Project agreed to transport them to the U.S. for the life-saving surgery they needed.

At that time, I had no idea how connected I would become with these families.

Before the group left, it became obvious that they needed an interpreter to travel with them. I agreed to go, and we started this adventure together. I spent four weeks with these mothers and babies, and we shared so many good times. My heart is full of joy and gratitude for what the Lord has done in these families.

Keirita and Alexa went through their surgeries soon after they arrived, and they both made wonderful recoveries. God healed them, but I’m not only thankful for that.

He also worked in the mothers’ spiritual lives, in the lives of their family members home in Honduras, and in my own life. God showed us His mighty power, His love through brothers and sisters in the U.S., and His mercy and faithfulness in every second.

It’s so amazing to see how God in His sovereignty is in control of every situation. It was not in my plans to go to Minnesota and serve as interpreter for these moms, but God had other plans—and they were perfect.

God's Plans are Perfect


I’m so thankful to my Lord and Savior for giving me the privilege to serve Him and share His great love with others as I have received His love and mercy. God has been so good, and He has a special plan for these two little girls and their families.

I’m so happy because Maria and Johana can now testify to others about what our God has done in their lives. Now they have a new challenge to raise these little ones to love the One who gave them life, died for them on the cross, and gave them a new heart.

We miss our new family in Christ in the U.S., but they are in our hearts, minds, and prayers. We thank God for providing an opportunity for Keirita and Alexa to receive heart surgery and for the spiritual awakening He brought to their families.