Sunday, March 18, 2018

Deadly Cholera Outbreak in Haiti

Haiti Cholera clinic

We are treating nearly 50 patients a day at our Cholera Treatment Center in Haiti, where this waterborne disease is on the rise following Hurricane Matthew.

Patients at our cholera clinic are receiving critical care to fight against this potentially deadly disease.

Cholera is a horrific disease. If not treated, it can be deadly within just a few hours. Patients arriving at the Samaritan’s Purse Cholera Treatment Center (CTC) in Chardonnieres, Haiti, are crippled by the disease—most are carried in on stretchers, unable to walk or talk. They are losing up to their body weight in fluids.

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Medical staff at the clinic are using the adjectives devastating, pitiful, severe, catastrophic, and daunting to describe what they are seeing. Forty to fifty patients are treated each day at the clinic, and many of these are diagnosed with cholera.

“It’s critical that we take measures to contain it,” said Dr. Lance Plyer, an internist who is overseeing the clinic. “If cholera gets into a key water supply, like it did in 2010, it could kill thousands of people.”

Without the mobile treatment center, built out of tents, many Haitians would have already died from the waterborne disease. Mrs. Erel, whose two sons were patients at the cholera clinic, said, “If God had not sent you here, I would for sure have had two dead bodies in my house.” Now, her sons are on the road to recovery, and one has already been discharged.

The caseload at the CTC is rising as cholera appears to be spreading. Samaritan’s Purse has deployed a second team of medical professionals to a mountain village accessible only by mules or helicopter to explore setting up a second Cholera Treatment Center. They pray they can stop this deadly disease it before it spirals out of control.

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Patricia, please call us at 1.800.528.1980. Thank you.

Patricia Bieber
Can Samaritans Purse help connect to resources or agencies that might air drop supplies to the orphanage and school near Duchity? My sister (Ginny Lucado) spoke with Ertha Papillon today (via WhatsApp) where people are dying for having no food. Ertha had borrowed a motor scooter to travel the difficult terrain to obtain some bottled water in LesCayes the day following the hurricane. The main bridge has been washed out, leaving them stranded without the promised food which was to begin October from Food For The Poor. She is in Troubois (?), (next to Duchity) where she manages an orphanage… Read more »