Monday, December 18, 2017

From Death to Life in Papua New Guinea

The stench of decay was overwhelming. It was so unbearable that we found our patient outside the medical ward, lying on a gurney on the sidewalk because the other patients couldn’t stand to be in the same building with him. A motor vehicle accident h ... [Read More]

A Doctor Demonstrates God’s Love to Hurting Patient

Are some people invisible? I wonder that some days. She was skeletally thin, hunched over in pain, and wrapped in a colorful pano (patterned cloth). She wore flip flops made from old tires. She had a combination of five confirmed treatable ... [Read More]

God’s Provision at a Hospital in Kenya

The CT scan of Flossy's neck confirmed a severe spine dislocation that had resulted in a spinal cord injury. Sixteen hours after we placed her in cervical traction, her spine had realigned. We were then able to take her to the operating room to ... [Read More]

Sharing God’s Love on the Ruth Bell Riverboat

Helping lead and serving as an interpreter for World Medical Missions teams that work onboard the Ruth Bell riverboat is a challenge but also a blessing like none other. A recent trip into Bolivia’s Amazon Basin was no exception. It was late in t ... [Read More]

Celebrating Life Together in Mukinge

As a first-time visitor to Zambia, I’m captivated by this land of extremes. We’re in the middle of dry season, and the parched ground is crumbling into a thick reddish-brown sand. Rain won’t return until November. Yet there is a profusion of flowe ... [Read More]

The Intersection of Faith and Science

We had just finished our outpatient clinic, and I was getting ready to go home. Our medical superintendent found me as I was headed down the hill. He had received word from a small hospital about an hour away that one of our staff members had been ... [Read More]

“She Didn’t Even Have a Name”

We were at Papa Palmer and Nana Nancy’s house when the phone rang. We had just finished eating a delicious meal and were talking about Mbingo and theology interchangeably. After answering the call in the other room, the veteran missionary physician r ... [Read More]