Friday, August 18, 2017

Courageous Women Changing their Communities

“Let us be courageous and brave,” said Daw Thiri Yu,* a participant of the first leader mother training session in Myanmar’s Tada-U Township. She is one of 40 women Samaritan’s Purse is equipping to host mother-to-mother groups. The leader mother ... [Read More]

Safe Motherhood in Vietnam

Samaritan’s Purse staff rode two hours on motorbikes along bumpy, winding roads to visit Lu Thi Di. Her family is one of the poorest in her village. Her father, two older brothers, and husband work in China in order to help the family make ends meet. ... [Read More]

Better Healthcare in the Highlands of Vietnam

Recently in northwestern Vietnam, Samaritan’s Purse trained 15 women as traditional birth attendants. They are the fourth group of attendants to attend the six-month training. In February, we hosted the second annual gathering of all trained t ... [Read More]

A Special Doula in Vietnam

Mao is 20 years old and has a little girl. She is a Christian traditional birth attendants trained by Samaritan’s Purse. In her village, all the villagers are Christians, which is rare in that area of the country. Mao attended a six-month training ... [Read More]

Faithful in Liberia

Am I wrong about the underlying presumptions I’m operating from? That’s the terrifying question every scientist asks him/herself when the observed results don’t match their hypothesis. It’s terrifying because it means that you’re not only wrong about ... [Read More]

Jesus Saved My Community and Me from Violence

I hail from a Christian family; we used to attend a church in our village. But our faith in God didn’t make life easier for us. My husband and I couldn’t make enough money in our village and started to argue over many things and lost our tempers oft ... [Read More]

A Family Changed Through Godly Values

My husband used to drink often, and he would beat me. My son and I lived in fear. Although my husband had been caught many times by the police, he continued beating me when he was drunk. I didn’t talk to anyone in my village or my neighbors about w ... [Read More]