Sunday, March 18, 2018

Slum Community Benefits from Food Security Program

“Even budgeting for salt is a challenge,” said 38-year old Magdalena Gagate, who lives in a slum community in the Philippines. Magdalena’s husband only earns about $70 a month making deliveries for a hardware store. She has six children, and one o ... [Read More]

Food, Faith, and God’s Perfect Plan

I believe that the refugee crisis is part of a big plan from God. Many Greek citizens say, “What are we going to do with all these refugees?” But God has crazy love for both the people of Greece and the people fleeing conflict in the Middle East. My o ... [Read More]

Persevering to Eliminate Malnutrition

I can’t tell you how many times I embarrassed my two daughters during their young lives by yelling out “bravo” when they were publicly recognized for various athletic or academic achievements. They would gasp and roll their eyes each time they heard m ... [Read More]

“Now I’m at Peace”

I’m an elderly widow. When I lived in my home village, I had no work, and I depended on the assistance of my local church. But attacks in that village forced me to flee. My husband and I had three children, but two of them were murdered in the a ... [Read More]

A Food Fair Offers Assistance

In my hometown, I farmed cassava, beans, and maize. I lived off the produce from my fields, and my life was fairly easy. But strangers invaded our town and massacred many people, including my husband. I fled and sought refuge in another town. Here ... [Read More]

A Family Strengthened

Our area has known deep insecurity for many years due to the militias that threaten the local population whenever they want. All of the activities in the community have been paralyzed. We’re always fleeing violence. My family and I have recently b ... [Read More]

A Widow in Need

I’m a widow. Before my husband was killed, my family had a quiet life. But one night, the militia kidnapped him. When they arrived at the river, he was dragged into the water, and we never recovered his body. That incident completely changed my life. ... [Read More]