Thursday, November 23, 2017

Teenager in Evacuation Center Learns How to Help Others

Sixteen-year old Aizah Dirampatun stood by one of the sinks at a handwashing station and demonstrated to a child how to properly wash his hands. She did this until every child in line had clean hands and the children were ready to enjoy their ... [Read More]

A Different View in Langtang

After nine hours, two Jeep rides, and a 22-mile hike, we reached an elevation of 3,475 meters. I was exposed to the elements of sun and wind and surrounded by towering mountains. I was standing yet again at the edge of Langtang. In April 2015, a ... [Read More]

Worship in Barbuda Brings People Together

When you walk around the beautiful but battered island of Barbuda, the sound of praise and thanksgiving is not what you would expect to hear. Yet, on a recent Sunday morning, that is exactly what you would have heard coming from Barbuda Pentecostal ... [Read More]

Hurricane Maria Victims Grateful for Christian Compassion

Every time we fly into the mountains of Puerto Rico we pray that the Lord will guide us to the communities and homes most in need, and He is always faithful. Earlier this month, our Samaritan’s Purse helicopter landed in the mountainous region of U ... [Read More]

Hurricane Relief Comes to Puerto Rico’s ‘Cursed Lands’

The view used to be spectacular. From lush green hills you could see as far as the city of San Juan, with the deep blue Caribbean beyond. Today, no one even notices the view. Dark gray clouds cover the horizon and trees are barren, twisted, and ... [Read More]

Texas Volunteers Rejoice to See God at Work

My fiancé, Melissa, and I recently volunteered with Samaritan’s Purse for the first time. Our time in Texas was life-changing for both of us. We both work in law enforcement in California, and so it was quite hard to get time off. We decided to ca ... [Read More]

Seeing the Light in Northern Iraq

My name is Yusuf*. I am 29 years old and I have six children. Before ISIS, we had a normal, simple life. We were happy. In August 2014, ISIS came and we fled. In the confusion, we were separated from my parents and my brother’s family. ISIS captured u ... [Read More]