Sunday, February 18, 2018

The Body of Christ Works Together in Chuma

Sweat running down his brow, he pickaxed at the mountainous terrain that was to be flattened for the church’s foundation. Then, without calling any attention to himself, he laid down the axe for a shovel. He shoveled out the dirt he had just l ... [Read More]

Rebuilding in Nepal After Devastating Earthquakes

Samaritan’s Purse staff in Nepal recently participated in a celebration following the completion of a housing rebuild effort in Rayale village. The village bustled with excitement and we were warmly welcomed with flower necklaces and scarves. The s ... [Read More]

I Lift My Eyes to the Mountains

I have spent more than a year now in Kathmandu. Most often, the sky is hazy, and the pollution from the vehicles and brick factories cloud the sky. It can be quite dreary. However, there are some occasions when there is a slight glimpse of a ... [Read More]

A Community Empowered by a Maternity Ward

After almost six months in Niger, I still haven’t seen a few Samaritan’s Purse projects. For some of them, it’s about the timing of the visit, but for others, it’s a question of security. For the maternity ward in Tizegorou, it’s been both. Located le ... [Read More]

A Connection in the Chuma Mountains

I arrived in the dark, early morning hours in La Paz, Bolivia, on August 25 to start an internship for Samaritan’s Purse. Leading up to my departure, everyone back home kept asking me questions about my internship with Samaritan’s Purse. What do you e ... [Read More]

Perseverance in the Langtang Valley

As I walked over the remains of the avalanche that destroyed the entire Langtang village, an eeriness ran through my bones. I realized that I was essentially walking over a mass grave. The daunting rock face, over which the thundering avalanche came ... [Read More]

Three Weeks in Langtang

As the helicopter followed the river up Langtang valley in the Himalayas, I glimpsed the massive swath of broken stone running down off the cliff to the left and cutting horizontally across the valley. I’d looked at many pictures of Langtang, but t ... [Read More]