Monday, March 27, 2017

A Heart Patient Experiences a Renewed Future

“Why me?” is the question that preoccupied my mind while I was growing up; the more times I asked myself that question, the further away the answer seemed. All I could see around me were chains and restrictions—don’t play soccer, don’t carry heavy thi ... [Read More]

Answered Prayer for a Bolivian Mother

The Beginning Tuesday, September 13, 2016 Lidia grew up in the countryside of Bolivia with 10 siblings. Although she didn’t finish school, she moved to the city and met her husband. They live with their five kids in El Alto, at an altitude of m ... [Read More]

A Prejudiced Missionary in Bolivia

Three years ago, after dropping off my last child at college, I decided I was now ready to serve the Lord. I began my work in missions in Bolivia as a nurse aboard the Ruth Bell River Boat. What happened at the end of that trip provides a certain ... [Read More]

Loved by the Heavenly Father

I grew up in Bolivia in a family where I was not taught about Christ, the commandments of God, or the love of Jesus. From my childhood to my youth, I felt I was less for being a woman and my brother was worth more as a man. He hit me several times ... [Read More]

Children’s Heart Project Patient Achieves Great Things

I remember my mother carrying me with her wherever she went. She carried me to and from school each day. This made me feel different and embarrassed. I understood that I needed help because I couldn’t walk or do anything vigorous for more than a m ... [Read More]

Following Up with Santi

A boy with a backpack smiles for a photo as he heads into preschool. It’s hardly possible to believe this tall, relaxed boy is the same person as the underweight baby who slept in my arms when I transported his mother and him back to Bolivia after h ... [Read More]

A Heart Forever Changed

When I was in boarding school, I would get sick often. The school nurses often diagnosed me with malaria, cough, and flu. They would give me medicine for my symptoms, not realizing that I had a bigger problem. During one of my school breaks, while I ... [Read More]