Sunday, June 25, 2017

A School Garden Gives Hope of a Better Life in the Congo

Editor's Note:Samaritan's Purse is assisting communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by providing schools with resources, training, and tools to start and maintain gardens. So far 20 schools have successfully maintained gardens as part of ... [Read More]

The Trees of Guidan Ara

As a country in the sub-Saharan climate of West Africa, Niger struggles yearly with heat and a shortage of rain. Particularly in the north of the country, the climate is dry and desert-like for most of the year, which creates a tough environment for ... [Read More]

Hope for Farmers After Hurricane Matthew

Lacul is a small community in western Haiti near the Samaritan’s Purse base. In this community, there are a lot of farmers, and by the end of the spring season, the green valleys are normally full of crops. Last year, after Hurricane Mathew struck H ... [Read More]

Celebrating the Future in Niger

One of the most critical challenges that Nigeriens face is growing food in a country that has no rain for nine months out of the year. The soil is almost completely unusable for farming, which means that farmers must work harder for much less ... [Read More]

An Internship in Vietnam

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned in the past four years, it’s that God’s timing and plans are not always in line with mine. Four years ago, I started classes at North Georgia College and State University. I entered into the ROTC program there ... [Read More]

New Agricultural Techniques Yield Bountiful Harvests in Niger

Farmers in Niger have difficulties growing enough crops to feed their families. Rain only falls for a few months of the year, leaving the soil dry and almost incapable of producing a harvest. However, the farmers are learning new ways to develop ... [Read More]

Congolese School Gardens Bless Hungry Students

My husband’s death in March 2012 led me to think about my life. My hometown was hostile to me, so I decided to leave and move around 40 miles north to a different village. Through the work that I do in other people’s homes, I’m able to support myself ... [Read More]