Monday, December 18, 2017

Literacy Training Brings Hope for a Better Future

One night recently I jumped into our Toyota Land Cruiser, one of the few vehicles that can handle the roads here with relative ease, and joined our community literacy team to visit a beginner class in Sundorkorlor, Lofa County. After a ... [Read More]

Walking a Path of Forgiveness

Rosemary’s calm words startled me. We sat outside her dwelling in the northwest Uganda Bidibidi refugee settlement—a peaceful area with thatched roof huts and emergency tarps dotting the bushy green landscape in every direction. As she softly rec ... [Read More]

Goats and the Gospel

For a visitor to Guidan Baje in Niger, it might have been a surprise to see sheep and goats in the middle of the village. Samaritan's Purse staff working with the livestock project tried to chase the livestock into some kind of organization, ... [Read More]

Cash Grant Program Helps Refugees in Greece

Arman, his wife, and four children live in an abandoned Greek naval academy that has been transformed into a government-run refugee site. They are waiting on legal papers and asylum decisions, unable to do much more than sit and wait. Arman and ... [Read More]

A School Garden Gives Hope of a Better Life in the Congo

Editor's Note:Samaritan's Purse is assisting communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by providing schools with resources, training, and tools to start and maintain gardens. So far 20 schools have successfully maintained gardens as part of ... [Read More]

The Trees of Guidan Ara

As a country in the sub-Saharan climate of West Africa, Niger struggles yearly with heat and a shortage of rain. Particularly in the north of the country, the climate is dry and desert-like for most of the year, which creates a tough environment for ... [Read More]

Dispatch from Eastern Edge of Mosul City

At the edge of eastern Mosul city, I expected to see tanks rolling by, ambulances racing past with sirens blaring, and smoke rising from burning oil and buildings. That all was there as our team—suited up bullet-proof vests and helmets—jumped out o ... [Read More]