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Achieving My Goals

Achieving My Goals

Poy Somaun

A Q&A with a 15-year-old Cambodian girl about her dreams for her future

Pov Somaun is 15-year-old girl in grade seven. Until she began taking classes through Samaritan’s Purse, she didn’t have a plan for her future. Through the lessons, she learned about having dreams, making plans, creating a healthy marriage, and having healthy communication. She now has a clear vision of what her future looks like and knows how to prepare for it.

She recently told us about the impact the classes have had on her life.

Hieng Sopheap: With what problem has this project helped you?

Pov Somaun: I didn’t care about my future. However, those lessons that I have learned helped me to think it through. I had a dream that I wanted to be a doctor in the future.

HS: How did this project help you with your problem?

PS: I was chosen to be a youth volunteer in my village. I was taught all four lessons by the project staff. All those lessons have inspired me, especially the lesson about my goals. This lesson has helped me to have dreams for my future. I hope these goals will help me have a bright future.

HS: Has this project helped your spiritually?

PS: Yes. I have heard about Jesus through the project staff.

HS: Will the help you have already received from this project continue to make a difference for you in the future?

PS: One day, I will make my dream to come true by studying hard and retaining information I learn in school school as much as I can.

HS: How have you started sharing what you learned with other people?

PS: I’ve shared what I have learned with my classmates during school time. Many students listen to what I’ve learned. As a result, I have many friends in my class.

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Margareta Cronholm

Thank you. Praise the Lord for giving the girl a hope and a future with the help of Samaritan Purse. I pray you will share the joy of God’s plan for your life to other people , Poy Somaun.