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Experiencing God’s Grace at a South Sudan Hospital


Nurse Pauline serves at Maban County Hospital in South Sudan.

It’s a normal day in the maternity ward at Maban County Hospital in the Upper Nile region of South Sudan. Mothers are trickling in and out while others are laboring to give birth, and newborns are taking their first breath and letting out their cries. On and on it goes.

A distressed young lady walks in who is experiencing labor pain with bleeding. It is obvious to me she is not ready for delivery. Her name is Mary, she is 23 years old, and only seven months into her pregnancy.

I begin to learn her story and my heart breaks for her. This is her fifth pregnancy, but she has lost her other babies at this same stage in the pregnancies with the same complications. I thought to myself, “This is a precious baby and has to live!”

Mary's newborn baby.

Mary’s newborn baby.

Tests reveal no abnormalities and no apparent causes for the pregnancy complications. We admit her, restrict her to complete bed rest, and work to stop the bleeding and painful contractions.

Our maternity team is committed to her care but two weeks later Mary goes into labor and we cannot delay delivery. Baby Mary is born weighing less than two pounds. She has difficulty breathing because her lungs are not fully developed and she is so tiny.

Although we assure Mary that in God’s power this baby will live, I can see in her face how hopeless the situation seems. She has walked this road four times and doesn’t even want to name a baby she doesn’t expect to survive.

The newborn unit at Maban has only a few items to provide “kangaroo care” to babies. We pray Mary can produce milk to breastfeed her baby, and we pray for and entrust this baby girl into God’s hands.

God answered our prayers and provided milk for Mary. The maternity team faithfully supported this mother and tiny baby and continued to pray for her life.

Mary's baby continued to gain weight and to grow healthy and strong in the months after her birth.

Mary’s baby gained weight in the months after her birth.

Days pass and Mary is more encouraged and even surprised her baby is still alive. Praying with us for her precious girl becomes a daily routine. Mary even begins to smile again. She learns to secure her baby to her chest and feeds her every three hours. Days become weeks and soon a month has passed.

One day, baby Mary gave us a scare. She enjoyed her mother’s milk so much she became too full and forgot to breathe. Her mother immediately screams and is certain her baby has suddenly died.

We all run to the unit to find the precious baby still and lifeless. Some of us work to stimulate her and others pray. Within moments, the baby moves and begins to breathe. What a mighty God we serve! We gave thanks to God and Mary was amazed.

By the time Mary reached 3.3 pounds she was thriving and ready to be discharged. All of our prayers helped sustain this precious baby.

For the next month after discharge, Mary continued the kangaroo care she learned at the hospital. By her third month, the baby weighed 7.5 pounds.

Baby Mary is one among many premature babies we care for with limited resources. She is extra special because of her mother’s history of losing four other babies. We wanted to give Mary hope, to encourage her when she felt hopeless, and to let God work.

When we refuse to give up, serve with our very best, and trust God, miracles can happen.

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Pauline Ng'ang'a

God is faithful and merciful,to Him we give all the glory for sustaining Mary,baby Mary,the maternity team and all of our friends who prayed with us for this miracle.Thank you very much for taking time to read through this story and for the kind,encouraging and amazing words.I am truly humbled and blessed.We will keep serving in Jesus name.Thank you.



Jane Washiko- Nutrition trainer

Glory to God for using you Pauline to save baby Mary. During my service in Maban at the stabilization centre, I witnessed the great work the LORD was doing with your team in the maternity ward.

Juliet Ede

Bravo Pauline


what a joyous story. blessings to Mary and her mother

Susan Thompson

Do you have many newborns being born prematurely in your hospitals?

Cynthia Terry

What a blessing this was for me to see and read. How amazing our LORD God is, how he answers prayers and how he works in us and through us to help someone. He is so faithful!!! Prayers for all who are working to help these women and others.

Shaid Gussie

Ohh Lord he is a. Mighty God.

Derrick Ogare

Its truly amazing to see you doing such a great job is SS Paula. God grant you the grace of perseverance and His blessings as you do the work that many dread.