Thursday, December 8, 2016

Faithful in Liberia

Liberia maternal and child health

Am I wrong about the underlying presumptions I’m operating from? That’s the terrifying question every scientist asks him/herself when the observed results don’t match their hypothesis. It’s terrifying because it means that you’re not only wrong about … [Read more...]

A Connection in the Chuma Mountains

Bolivia Chuma Mountains church construction

I arrived in the dark, early morning hours in La Paz, Bolivia, on August 25 to start an internship for Samaritan’s Purse. Leading up to my departure, everyone back home kept asking me questions about my internship with Samaritan’s Purse. What do you e … [Read more...]

Life-Saving Medicine Combats Malaria in the Congo

Nyankunde Hospital DRC

My husband and I are blessed with three children. Our oldest girl is 3, and our twin sons are 8 months old. My husband is absent from our home because he is trying to earn a living in the mines. It’s been almost two years since he left. He’s rarely ab … [Read more...]

New Lives for Refugees in Greece

refugees in Greece

We are all new to this type of crisis. It’s a mass emigration of a people so vast that it has become the largest humanitarian crisis since WWII. If all forcibly displaced people were grouped, they would be the 21st largest country in the w … [Read more...]

Following God’s Call in Haiti

Haiti cholera clinic after Hurricane Matthew

Samaritan’s Purse responded immediately to Hurricane Matthew’s catastrophic damage on the southern peninsula of Haiti in October 2016. Under the leadership of Dr. Lance Plyler, emergency medical response advisor for Samaritan’s Purse, the team overc … [Read more...]

A Fresh Start in Louisiana

Louisiana Disaster Relief

I met Steven and Tammy at our deployment site in Gonzales, Louisiana. The couple was staying at a shelter nearby because the room they were renting had flooded and they had nowhere else to go. More than 100,000 homes across 20 parishes were … [Read more...]

New Agricultural Techniques Yield Bountiful Harvests in Niger

agriculture Niger

Farmers in Niger have difficulties growing enough crops to feed their families. Rain only falls for a few months of the year, leaving the soil dry and almost incapable of producing a harvest. However, the farmers are learning new ways to develop … [Read more...]