Thursday, July 28, 2016

Children’s Heart Project Patient Achieves Great Things

Children's Heart Project Heart Camp

I remember my mother carrying me with her wherever she went. She carried me to and from school each day. This made me feel different and embarrassed. I understood that I needed help because I couldn’t walk or do anything vigorous for more than a m … [Read more...]

Invited as Friends

Myanmar hygiene training

Editor’s Note: Names have been changed throughout the article. After a hygiene training, I asked one of the supervising midwives if I could interview her. Sitting in green plastic chairs in the middle of the health center, air-conditioned by open w … [Read more...]

Providing Skills and Hope Through Carpentry Training

Northern Iraq Community Center Carpentry Class

Fresh clouds of sawdust floated in the air and settled over me as 12 carpentry students began their daily projects in the Northern Iraq Community Center carpentry shop. I breathed in, and the smell of freshly cut wood immediately provoked childhood … [Read more...]

Pressing On

Northern Iraq

I think that some people are just born tough.  You know the type: those people who seem like they could just keep going and going. They possess an uncanny ability to resist the odds and make it through any condition. Almost everyone I’ve met in my mo … [Read more...]

Rebuilding a Life in Northern Iraq

Displaced Yazidis at a camp in Northern Iraq

I stood in the rubble of a farmhouse in Northern Iraq. The Yazidi man, Khider, dressed in his traditional garb with a bushy mustache, described his family’s experience during the past year and a half. “We were farmers, growing vegetables to sell in … [Read more...]

A Time to Dream

Northern Iraq Community Center; Syrian refugee girls

Editor's Note: Names have been changed for security. I often take happiness for granted and assume that laughter comes with ease. I forget that some smiles fade too quickly and dark memories persist despite a moment of light. I realized this … [Read more...]

Finding Hope in Music

Vietnamese School for the Blind

When I became aware that I couldn’t see the world, I felt dissatisfied with life. I always wondered why I had to suffer. I found refuge in music; songs and melodies lit up the darkness deep in my pained heart. The first time I heard the sound of t … [Read more...]