Friday, May 27, 2016

Volunteers Channel the Promise of the Gospel to Flood Victims

Samaritan's Purse U.S. Disaster Relief Houston

What’s most surprising about life after a major flood is how normal so many things seem. It’s as if on certain streets the cleaning crew has come through to make the most visible parts of the city beautiful again. There were blue skies on most … [Read more...]

Participating in God’s Work

Northern Iraq

We bumped along the dirt road as I listened to the voices of my coworkers rise and fall with excitement. We had been waiting for this day. In just a few weeks, our new base had changed from a pile of dirt to an open space with three small trailers, … [Read more...]

Never Stop Seeking

Greta Home and Academy

Children grow up. Whether we want it, kids grow taller, more mature, and more independent. The children at the Greta Home and Academy in Haiti are no exception. Our kids are learning and growing every day. I love looking at old pictures of the … [Read more...]

It Began with a Walk

Haiti The Greatest Journey graduation

Have you ever looked back at a series of events in your life and said, “Wow, God, you are amazing!”? That’s how Nina and I feel as we look back and see how God used our afternoon walks on the beach to impact the lives of some of the children in our … [Read more...]

A Safe Place to Stay


When Patience* was carried off of the airplane, we couldn’t believe our eyes. The wheelchair seemed to swallow her whole. No one could believe she was 12—her body was that of a 5-year-old. She faced down, afraid to look anyone in the eyes, ashamed of … [Read more...]

After the Shoebox

shoebox distribution in Prey Moul village near Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Eleven-year-old Panha was kicking a soccer ball with a few other boys in the village when I came around the corner. I watched a few minutes before I caught his attention. He ran over with a big smile. After a quick high-five, he wanted to teach me … [Read more...]

Risking Kindness

Greece Refugee Crisis

I watched as the pile of yellow wildflowers on the distribution table grew. Gabie, a Macedonian-Greek Samaritan’s Purse distribution staff member at Souda Refugee Camp, bent down to take each new bouquet carried over to her. She admired the fistfuls … [Read more...]